Tips To Escape The Heat And Keep Cool In Summer

  1. Shut Out The Sun:

Don’t let the sun’s rays dive into your room and leave it too warm and stuffy. If not in use, keep your curtains and blinds closed in the rooms to prevent them from being overheated.


  1. Eat Small Meals:

Your body temperature tends to warm up when your body tries to process and digest large meals because you need heat to break down food particles. This, eat regular small meals instead of one or two huge meals at odd times of the day.



  1. Choose Cotton:

Cotton clothing and especially in lighter colours is perhaps the best material to wear during summers. Avoid any dark colour and fabrics like polyester, nylon etc because these can quickly absorb heat and leave you sweating.


  1. Stay Hydrated:

It is extremely important that you drink a good amount of water during the summers to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. If you don’t, the summer heat can quickly cause dehydration which in turn can head to heat strokes and exhaustion. Especially while going on walks, to the gym or physically exerting yourself in any way, make sure to carry a good amount of water and keep drinking it in regular intervals.


  1. Get Low:

Hot air rises which is why it is much hotter on top floors of homes or apartments as opposed to the ground of bottom floors. Thus, during summers try to get as low as you can, which means sleeping on the floors or rooms downstairs as much as you can.



  1. Rinse Your Wrists:

It helps with the heat if you wash your wrists and neck before hitting the sack because this helps to quickly cool down and go off to sleep.


  1. Keep Your Moisturiser And Sunscreen Nearby:

On a hot summer’s day don’t forget to regularly wash your face to rid it of dirt or sweat and to use your moisturizer right after because this leaves your face cool and fresh. Further, the use of sunscreens before heading out makes sure that you don’t get tanned or sunburned.