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Reasons To Get Excited About Summer

Summer is a lot of people’s favourite time of the year, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world or when summer is for you. Some of our greatest memories are made during the summer and there is a lot of fun to be had. After months of colder weather, nothing beats knowing that summer is just around the corner.

The days are longer, meaning you are able to pack more fun into your day and every body just seems to be in a better mood. That is truly the magic of summer. There is certainly lots that can be done during summer which is why so many people get excited when summer is close by.

Have a read on below at some of the reasons to get excited about summer:

The Beach

Warmer weather means it’s time to go to the beach, which also means it’s time to pull out one of your best designer bathing suits that you’ve been waiting to show off for a while now. There is so much to do at the beach and it is a great place to go for all ages.

Kids love playing in the sand and in the shallow part of the ocean and adults don’t mind going for a surf or sunbathing on the shore. Going to the beach is a perfect cheap activity as well, so if you are low on cash this summer, you know where to go!

More Daylight

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As touched on in the introduction, in summer you actually get more daylight. This means you can fit more into the day then you can during winter. Make sure you make the most out of your summer activities and the daylight by getting out and about.

Depending on where you are in the world will determine just how much sun you see during summer, but in places like England, sunset isn’t until after 9pm (all you have to do is hope you get a rare sunny English day!). Don’t forget that in winter the days are shorter; so make the most of them while you can.

Summer Fruit

All that fruit that you have been missing for the bulk of the year is now back in season, so it is time to make that fruit salad you have been craving. When you are out and about you want something delicious and healthy to make you feel good, this is where summer fruit comes in.

You can’t go wrong with a sweet piece or watermelon after a dip in the pool. Or an ice cold fruit smoothie to cool yourself down on a hot summers day. The option are endless when it comes to ensuring you eat as much summer fruit as possible, before it goes out of season again.


Summer usually means one thing, especially for kids, holidays! This is where school is out for its long summer break and families pack their bags and go on an awesome holiday together. No matter where you go make sure it is still summer, because this is a season you certainly don’t want to miss out on!

Summer is made for holidays and creating ever lasting memories. You don’t even have to go that far, you could even simply go camping in your back yard, which is perfect for gazing at the stars (when the sun finally goes down).

Local Events

Due to the fact that the days in summer last longer, you will find that there are more local events booked in the summer months. Awesome things like food and music festivals and carnival fairs all seem to take place during summer. So head on down to your nearest local even while you can.