Inspirational CEO’s Draw Your Motivation From Them!

Young businessmen and women, those who have already ventured on the path of entrepreneurship and those who are intending to – this one for you! Being a leader and handling business by yourself is no easy task – but there’s never a dearth for inspiration- because there are so many inspirational CEO’s out there, who have created their name not only by bringing their companies on the top but also with their likable personalities. Here’s a list of all those CEO’s who you should be drawing inspiration from right away!


Barbara Bush:

CEO and co-founder of Global Health Corps,  Barbara is also a member of the UNICEF’s Next generation Steering Committee and the UN foundation’s Global Entrepreneur’s Council – this itself proves her influential personality. With Yale being her alma mater, Barbara went ahead to establish Global Health Corps, a non-profit organization which provides the young, talented lot year-long fellowships to promote health equity in impoverished areas of developing nations.


Jeremy Heimans:
CEO and co-founder of Purpose, Jeremy Heimens set out with a clear purpose – to be the change and improve the climatic conditions of the world. Purpose looks out to promote climatic solutions across the globe – creating awareness about the menace of rising pollution levels and at the same time, looking for ways and means to tackle the worsening situations all over the world.


Andreas Raptopolous:
Andreas founded and headed Matternet; a noted Silicon Valley startup, which took up the cause of reaching and supplying essentials to inaccessible areas.  Most of these places are such, where the transport infrastructure, or road conditions are poor, making the transit of goods next to impossible. Matternet has these low weight unmanned flying vehicles which reach the otherwise unreachable – making supply of goods possible. Matternet also immediately jumps in in case of natural disasters.


Racheal Chong:

she has

This young lady wrote a thesis in her MBA program – little did she know this thesis would prove to be her future business idea! Racheal Chong established Cathafire, an organization which helps non-profit and social organizations to connect to skilled individuals. Catchafire slowly rose to become world’s largest skills-based volunteer program – making Racheal Chong one among the elite class of young, influential and successful businesswomen.


Martin Edlund:
CEO and founding member of Malaria No More made a global impact with his aggressive campaign against malaria – especially in countries where this deadly disease was rampant. He not only promoted this campaign through his company but also himself stayed in West Africa to make sure the awareness and education about malaria reached the masses effectively.