Couple signing decree of divorce in front of a family lawyer in Campbelltown

How To Support a Friend Going Through a Divorce

Not only it is difficult to go through a divorce, but it is also difficult to sit on the sidelines and watch one of your friends go through a divorce. You can start to feel helpless and not sure what you should do. Well, doing something is certainly better than doing nothing, and at the very least hopefully your friend will see that you are trying to help.

A divorce can throw a person’s life into chaos and they aren’t sure which way is up, and it is safe to say that life will never be the same again. The good news is that there are lots of ways you are able to help your friend through this difficult time. It is important to note that you know your friend best, so you should choose the ways to support your friend that you think are best suited to them.

You are probably not an expert in divorce, so it is important that you and your friend remember that they need to find trusted family lawyers in Campbelltown, or somewhere closer to where they live. A family lawyer can provide a different kind of support then a friend then, but both channels of support are just as important.

So, have a read on below at some of the ways you can help support a friend who is going through a divorce:


Sometimes people just need to vent, and if it is a particularly frustrating or complex divorce, then this is especially the case. So, it is important that you just sit and listen, sometimes people just want to be upset, so try not to offer your thoughts or potential solutions until they are finished.

Most of the time your friend will figure things out themselves, or ask specifically for your advice or thoughts on something specific. People just want to get things of their chest, and they may not have many people to talk to about these things, so if you are able to just listen, it could be very beneficial.

Invite Them Out

This is one of the best ways to show that you care and haven’t forgotten about them. It can be a very lonely time during a divorce, and while you may be busy with your own things in your life, your friend has never needed you more. You don’t have to do something too extravagant, it could even be something as simple as inviting them over to your place for a BBQ.

It is important to keep inviting them even if they say no more often than not. Even just that invite / message asking if they want to go out shows that you are still thinking of them, and will help to ease their feelings that they are not alone in this process.

Help Around The House

If one of the partners has moved out and there are still children living at home, it is difficult to adjust to the new life, and things like laundry, general cleaning and cooking can go out the window. So it is a good idea to come over to their house, maybe with some food, and see if there are any things around the house you can help with.

Having a clean house and a fridge stocked with food, can really help to ease the mind and it also means there is one less job to do. Going from a couple to single means all the work falls onto the one person’s shoulders, and that can be difficult to juggle in the beginning, while also having to work and deal with a divorce process.