Top 2 Benefits of Commercial Solar Power in Sydney

The sun is an invaluable resource by which we can generate volumes of reliable and sustainable energy. Did you know about these two primary benefits of commercial solar energy in Sydney? It’s not only an effective way to lower energy costs but a means through which we can lessen the environmental footprint of power usage in the big smoke.

Let’s break these down a little…


Cost Reduction

In a time where energy costs are on the rise, using commercial solar energy in Sydney will continue being a great way to save. As these systems are designed to be durable for many decades, they entail costs that can be planned for over the long term.

This is good news for many businesses that are currently on the standard grid rate or a fixed cost contract. Switching to commercial solar in Sydney would mean a steady, long term energy contract. As electricity rates are forecasted to be on the rise, the consistency of such a contract will be welcomed.

Commercial solar panels on the rooftops of Sydney residences have also steadily been on the rise over the past decade. Why? For one, it’s been an economically smarter choice for any home with an unshaded roof.

The ‘self-consumption’ set up has been a big help. This is where homes use the energy produced by panels, as they are producing it, meaning the best possible return. By using energy in this way, you can avoid purchasing energy from the grid.

If your home is connected, the power made from your panels can also be exported back out to the grid. Revenue on your investment can be reaped through reducing your own energy expenditures.

Not to mention the installation prices of commercial solar panels in Sydney has been steady, with drastic reductions in the foreseeable future unlikely. In fact, average prices have been on the decline since August 2012.

What’s better? Paneled homes in Australia are in demand. Installing a system will add to your property value and will see more money coming in from buyers and renters, compared to those homes running off grid power.

Last but not least in terms of costs, the Australian government offers financial incentives to encourage the use of these energy systems. Investing means you can enjoy these incentives while saving big.


Reducing the environmental impact

The other huge plus of commercial solar in Sydney compared to standard grid energy is that concerning the lessened effects on the environment…

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions

It has been reported that every kW of power from the sun can lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions by more than 2 tonnes each year, thereby providing measurable benefits for the CO2 content in the global atmosphere.

  1. Carbon emission concentration

The truth is commercial solar power in Sydney still requires a large amount of energy to mine, for example the quartz that is to be heated in high temperatures to make the panels. However compared to the carbon emissions generated from coal production, the dispersion of emissions over a 30 year period from sun-powered systems is favourable.

  1. Water

In Australian, fresh water is a scarce resource. Being one of the driest continent in the world many living here encounter periods of drought and water restrictions. Commercial solar power in Sydney uses significantly less water that standard electricity production, which is notorious for using thousands of litres of water.

Generating panels requires no water at all which is great in terms of both conserving fresh water for our natural environment, and for our usage when dams are low.