online Security

Simple Things You Can Do To Increase Online Security

While you are online, you face the risk of getting yourself exposed, mainly if you handle important security or financial details. Hence, in this day and age, you can never be too careful.

Crimes that can be committed over the internet such as identity theft ransomware attacks are becoming commonplace these days and if precautionary- or necessary- steps aren’t taken, you could be at the risk of getting your data leaked or traced. Here are some things you can do to make sure you are secure online.


Install and update your Antivirus

An antivirus will protect your computer from all sorts of malicious softwares. The database of viruses are updated from time to time and sent to the antivirus software so as to prevent new kinds of viruses from infiltrating your system. These viruses may seem legitimate from the outside, but might be stealing private information. A virus of this kind is called a Trojan Horse. Make sure your antivirus suite has ransomware protection as a feature.


Do not use the same password for every website

Many people tend to use the same password for all the websites that require a login. This is extremely dangerous because if a hacker can get their hands on anyone password database of a website that you log into frequently, they’ll have access to all your other accounts as well. That said, never write all your passwords on a piece of paper. Instead, use a password manager.


Make use of VPN

If you have to connect to a network that is public, it’s always safer to use VPN or a Virtual Private Network. This is because you’ll never know if someone might be stealing all of your files when you connect to an unknown network. It can be anyone from an employee who works for the establishment that gives the free WIFI to the customers who are given access to the network. Using a VPN at times like these will encrypt your traffic and routing it through a server that is owned by the VPN company. A VPN will also hide your IP address.


Use Two Factor Authentication

Although using two-factor authentication can be a time-consuming affair, if an account gives you the choice of implementing one, always opt for it. This means anyone trying to penetrate will have to go through two layers of authentication instead of one.


Use Passcode whenever possible

While applying a lock to your smartphones, always choose a passcode instead of a PIN. To strengthen the passcode, use a biometric authentication as well.