work smart

Effective And Efficient Ways To Work Smarter

Plan your tasks as often as you can

One among the effective ways to work smarter is to plan. Formulate a list of all the projects and tasks to be completed and after this perform a detailed review of these objectives, categorize them according to the importance and identify how much time will be required for completion. This will enable you to gradually create a weekly planner, making planning an effective way to work smarter.


Prioritize your tasks

Bear in mind the Pareto principle which states that 80 percent of results come from the 20 percent of efforts. Strategically prioritize the most critical activities. After identifying them direct your energy and time towards these activities and pay less attention to non-essential activities. You can work smarter through focus and prioritize.


Learn how to delegate


Delegation is one of the most effective methods to work smart. When you don’t have the time or not good at specific tasks, instead merely delegate it to others because it will effectively free up your schedule for more important activities.


Have strict deadlines for major tasks

When dealing with large tasks of crucial importance, it is detrimental to work on such tasks smartly by merely dividing the job at hand into smaller, manageable tasks. After this, tend to work on each piece at a time. Focus on providing quality work over perfection.


Learn how to type faster and make use of keyboard shortcuts

One of the effective ways of working on keyboards is by getting comfortable using as many fingers as possible while typing and availing keyboard shortcuts that can assist and accomplish more work in a short period.


Learn how to create and use MACROS


Macros are mini-programs that you can write to perform repetitive tasks for you. They are a superb way to work efficiently and smarter as it saves you the time and effort of pointing, selecting and clicking.


Call instead of sending messages

One way to work smarter by saving time is to call colleagues instead of waiting for their follow up emails or messages. Moreover, calling helps maintain a crisp language as well.


Take some breaks

Long hours of work can take a toll on our capabilities and performance. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to take some breaks as you work. Schedule a minimum of regular 10-15 minutes of a break between significant tasks. This will refresh your mind and replenish your energy reserves.