3 Great Reasons To Book A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

The Grand Canyon in one of the magnificent natural wonders of planet earth and is visited by millions every year. The valley – shared between the US states of Arizona and Nevada – is absolutely gigantic, being 446 kilometres long and with a maximum width of 29 kilometres.

Because of how enormous this incredible landscape is, it’s world famous for giving people a sense of awe as they are made to feel incredibly humbled by the enormity of the red rock walls. It’s no surprise that many people put visiting this landmark on their bucket lists.

There’s no shortage of amazing attractions to enjoy once you get to the valley and it can be difficult to decide where to spend your time. There’s pretty much something to suit everyone at every age and activity level, so nobody gets to feel left out.

One of the most popular ways to experience the valley is with a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. This involves getting a scenic aerial view of the vast natural wonder, allowing you to experience its full majesty as well as take once in a lifetime photos!


Amazing views

The most obvious reasons people go on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is because of the picturesque views it gives you. This is one of the few ways to get a complete 360-degree view of the valley. There’s simply no better way to soak in the incredible views that won’t be obstructed by other tourists.

This perspective of the valley is truly unique and something that you would be unable to experience anywhere else. There’s no doubt that you will be stunned by the views you experience on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour.


Get away from the crowds

It’s no surprise that the valley is a popular tourist hub and it can get quite crowded during the peak travel seasons. While everyone is there to enjoy the valley, it can be frustrating to try and navigate through crowds that somewhat ruin the experience you imagined in your head.

It really sucks when you’re trying to line up the perfect photo only to find yourself getting shoved and bumped by other people. While crowds are a fact of life with any popular attraction, there’s no shame in paying extra for an experience that removes you from the hustle and bustle, giving you an unadulterated view of the valley.

If you normally despise crowds, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour can be the perfect option for you. Instead of mulling around with the plebs on the ground, you can soar high above everyone and enjoy the unmolested view of the natural wonder.

A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is simply the best way to see the valley without pesky crowds getting in the way!


See more of the iconic landscape

grand canyon

As you know, the valley is absolutely gigantic, and this makes it almost impossible to see all of it with the naked eye. This often means that visitors don’t get to see every corner of the valley as its simply too big for them to get around.

Exploring on foot can be fun but also restrictive. This is why a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is so popular as it lets you see as much of the valley as possible in one sitting.

Seeing the valley from the air will give you the most complete view possible and be cheaper than visiting every corner on foot. Hopefully this article has given you some valuable insight into why you should book a Grand Canyon helicopter tour right now.