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Celia J. Williams

Celia J.Williams is an award-winning author, bloggers and an activist. Her works are very popular among people, and she has also received various awards.


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3 Great Reasons To Book A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

The Grand Canyon in one of the magnificent natural wonders of planet earth and is visited by millions every year. The valley – shared between the US states of Arizona and Nevada – is absolutely gigantic, being 446 kilometres long and with a maximum width of 29 kilometres.

Because of how enormous this incredible landscape is, it’s world famous for giving people a sense of awe as they are made to feel incredibly humbled by the enormity of the red rock walls. It’s no surprise that many people put visiting this landmark on their bucket lists.

There’s no shortage of amazing attractions to enjoy once you get to the valley and it can be difficult to decide where to spend your time. There’s pretty much something to suit everyone at every age and activity level, so nobody gets to feel left out.

One of the most popular ways to experience the valley is with a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. This involves getting a scenic aerial view of the vast natural wonder, allowing you to experience its full majesty as well as take once in a lifetime photos!


Amazing views

The most obvious reasons people go on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is because of the picturesque views it gives you. This is one of the few ways to get a complete 360-degree view of the valley. There’s simply no better way to soak in the incredible views that won’t be obstructed by other tourists.

This perspective of the valley is truly unique and something that you would be unable to experience anywhere else. There’s no doubt that you will be stunned by the views you experience on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour.


Get away from the crowds

It’s no surprise that the valley is a popular tourist hub and it can get quite crowded during the peak travel seasons. While everyone is there to enjoy the valley, it can be frustrating to try and navigate through crowds that somewhat ruin the experience you imagined in your head.

It really sucks when you’re trying to line up the perfect photo only to find yourself getting shoved and bumped by other people. While crowds are a fact of life with any popular attraction, there’s no shame in paying extra for an experience that removes you from the hustle and bustle, giving you an unadulterated view of the valley.

If you normally despise crowds, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour can be the perfect option for you. Instead of mulling around with the plebs on the ground, you can soar high above everyone and enjoy the unmolested view of the natural wonder.

A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is simply the best way to see the valley without pesky crowds getting in the way!


See more of the iconic landscape

grand canyon

As you know, the valley is absolutely gigantic, and this makes it almost impossible to see all of it with the naked eye. This often means that visitors don’t get to see every corner of the valley as its simply too big for them to get around.

Exploring on foot can be fun but also restrictive. This is why a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is so popular as it lets you see as much of the valley as possible in one sitting.

Seeing the valley from the air will give you the most complete view possible and be cheaper than visiting every corner on foot. Hopefully this article has given you some valuable insight into why you should book a Grand Canyon helicopter tour right now.



Simple Things You Can Do To Increase Online Security

While you are online, you face the risk of getting yourself exposed, mainly if you handle important security or financial details. Hence, in this day and age, you can never be too careful.

Crimes that can be committed over the internet such as identity theft ransomware attacks are becoming commonplace these days and if precautionary- or necessary- steps aren’t taken, you could be at the risk of getting your data leaked or traced. Here are some things you can do to make sure you are secure online.


Install and update your Antivirus

An antivirus will protect your computer from all sorts of malicious softwares. The database of viruses are updated from time to time and sent to the antivirus software so as to prevent new kinds of viruses from infiltrating your system. These viruses may seem legitimate from the outside, but might be stealing private information. A virus of this kind is called a Trojan Horse. Make sure your antivirus suite has ransomware protection as a feature.


Do not use the same password for every website

Many people tend to use the same password for all the websites that require a login. This is extremely dangerous because if a hacker can get their hands on anyone password database of a website that you log into frequently, they’ll have access to all your other accounts as well. That said, never write all your passwords on a piece of paper. Instead, use a password manager.


Make use of VPN

If you have to connect to a network that is public, it’s always safer to use VPN or a Virtual Private Network. This is because you’ll never know if someone might be stealing all of your files when you connect to an unknown network. It can be anyone from an employee who works for the establishment that gives the free WIFI to the customers who are given access to the network. Using a VPN at times like these will encrypt your traffic and routing it through a server that is owned by the VPN company. A VPN will also hide your IP address.


Use Two Factor Authentication

Although using two-factor authentication can be a time-consuming affair, if an account gives you the choice of implementing one, always opt for it. This means anyone trying to penetrate will have to go through two layers of authentication instead of one.


Use Passcode whenever possible

While applying a lock to your smartphones, always choose a passcode instead of a PIN. To strengthen the passcode, use a biometric authentication as well.

My Mama’s Best Gardening Advice

Waste is Non-Negotiable We as a whole transform into our folks the more established we get. How would I know I’m ending up more like my mom? I turn over charming pots, grower, jugs, and such to check whether there’s a waste opening, and after that murmur boisterously when I find that there isn’t one. Regardless of how adorable the holder, if it doesn’t have waste, whatever plant you put in it will shrink, form, and die in some horrible, nightmarish way. Not adorable. While a few holders like stirred buckets can have gaps penetrated in the bottoms, it’s best not to put your expectations and trade out shut base pots, regardless of whether they’re advertised as the planting vessel you had always wanted.


Locate the Light

Understanding the light necessities of specific plants isn’t not at all like having the capacity to comprehend the dietary realities marks at the supermarket. In spite of the fact that a plant requiring full-sun may even now develop in the shade, it won’t carry on with its best life, to reword Oprah, except if it’s placed out in the daylight. “Regularly a plant’s appearance offers hints about the specific kind of light it requires,” as per my mother. “Shade-cherishing plants.


Give Your Garden Butterflies

Regardless of whether you need to enable pollinators to like Monarchs fuel up for their relocation or you simply need all the more truly fly-bys in your garden, there’s more courses than you might suspect to help the reason for the butterfly. One route is to put the sorts of plants butterflies love to lay their eggs on and thusly have caterpillars all through your garden. Likewise critical: numerous weeds are really awesome homes for butterfly eggs and caterpillars so don’t feel so terrible if your garden isn’t flawlessly manicured, pruned, and weeded.


Try not to Get Hosed Up

Using a hose has turned into one of her most loved instruments. It can without much of a stretch achieve long or awkward separations, and rapidly stow away in a corner where it doesn’t bring down the garden’s tasteful.


Trust Your Trowel


Like a culinary expert’s blade is to the kitchen, the trowel is to the garden. My mother’s most loved one, which she frequently provides for others as a blessing, is the Corona Comfort Gel Trowel. It has sign denotes that assistance measure the profundity of soil, another vital quality to consider when planting new increases.


Check Your Sources

Maybe the most vital recommendation my mom has conferred with respect to planting is to ensure whatever tips, traps, or hacks you’ve found are grounded in genuine, truth based science. Much like cooking or link news, there’s a great deal of malarkey out there and once in a while it very well may be difficult to recognize the great and the odd. Cross-reference and twofold check if all else fails so you don’t wind up sitting around idly, vitality, or cash on a counterfeit claim

Inspirational CEO’s Draw Your Motivation From Them!

Young businessmen and women, those who have already ventured on the path of entrepreneurship and those who are intending to – this one for you! Being a leader and handling business by yourself is no easy task – but there’s never a dearth for inspiration- because there are so many inspirational CEO’s out there, who have created their name not only by bringing their companies on the top but also with their likable personalities. Here’s a list of all those CEO’s who you should be drawing inspiration from right away!


Barbara Bush:

CEO and co-founder of Global Health Corps,  Barbara is also a member of the UNICEF’s Next generation Steering Committee and the UN foundation’s Global Entrepreneur’s Council – this itself proves her influential personality. With Yale being her alma mater, Barbara went ahead to establish Global Health Corps, a non-profit organization which provides the young, talented lot year-long fellowships to promote health equity in impoverished areas of developing nations.


Jeremy Heimans:
CEO and co-founder of Purpose, Jeremy Heimens set out with a clear purpose – to be the change and improve the climatic conditions of the world. Purpose looks out to promote climatic solutions across the globe – creating awareness about the menace of rising pollution levels and at the same time, looking for ways and means to tackle the worsening situations all over the world.


Andreas Raptopolous:
Andreas founded and headed Matternet; a noted Silicon Valley startup, which took up the cause of reaching and supplying essentials to inaccessible areas.  Most of these places are such, where the transport infrastructure, or road conditions are poor, making the transit of goods next to impossible. Matternet has these low weight unmanned flying vehicles which reach the otherwise unreachable – making supply of goods possible. Matternet also immediately jumps in in case of natural disasters.


Racheal Chong:

she has

This young lady wrote a thesis in her MBA program – little did she know this thesis would prove to be her future business idea! Racheal Chong established Cathafire, an organization which helps non-profit and social organizations to connect to skilled individuals. Catchafire slowly rose to become world’s largest skills-based volunteer program – making Racheal Chong one among the elite class of young, influential and successful businesswomen.


Martin Edlund:
CEO and founding member of Malaria No More made a global impact with his aggressive campaign against malaria – especially in countries where this deadly disease was rampant. He not only promoted this campaign through his company but also himself stayed in West Africa to make sure the awareness and education about malaria reached the masses effectively.


Top 2 Benefits of Commercial Solar Power in Sydney

The sun is an invaluable resource by which we can generate volumes of reliable and sustainable energy. Did you know about these two primary benefits of commercial solar energy in Sydney? It’s not only an effective way to lower energy costs but a means through which we can lessen the environmental footprint of power usage in the big smoke.

Let’s break these down a little…


Cost Reduction

In a time where energy costs are on the rise, using commercial solar energy in Sydney will continue being a great way to save. As these systems are designed to be durable for many decades, they entail costs that can be planned for over the long term.

This is good news for many businesses that are currently on the standard grid rate or a fixed cost contract. Switching to commercial solar in Sydney would mean a steady, long term energy contract. As electricity rates are forecasted to be on the rise, the consistency of such a contract will be welcomed.

Commercial solar panels on the rooftops of Sydney residences have also steadily been on the rise over the past decade. Why? For one, it’s been an economically smarter choice for any home with an unshaded roof.

The ‘self-consumption’ set up has been a big help. This is where homes use the energy produced by panels, as they are producing it, meaning the best possible return. By using energy in this way, you can avoid purchasing energy from the grid.

If your home is connected, the power made from your panels can also be exported back out to the grid. Revenue on your investment can be reaped through reducing your own energy expenditures.

Not to mention the installation prices of commercial solar panels in Sydney has been steady, with drastic reductions in the foreseeable future unlikely. In fact, average prices have been on the decline since August 2012.

What’s better? Paneled homes in Australia are in demand. Installing a system will add to your property value and will see more money coming in from buyers and renters, compared to those homes running off grid power.

Last but not least in terms of costs, the Australian government offers financial incentives to encourage the use of these energy systems. Investing means you can enjoy these incentives while saving big.


Reducing the environmental impact

The other huge plus of commercial solar in Sydney compared to standard grid energy is that concerning the lessened effects on the environment…

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions

It has been reported that every kW of power from the sun can lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions by more than 2 tonnes each year, thereby providing measurable benefits for the CO2 content in the global atmosphere.

  1. Carbon emission concentration

The truth is commercial solar power in Sydney still requires a large amount of energy to mine, for example the quartz that is to be heated in high temperatures to make the panels. However compared to the carbon emissions generated from coal production, the dispersion of emissions over a 30 year period from sun-powered systems is favourable.

  1. Water

In Australian, fresh water is a scarce resource. Being one of the driest continent in the world many living here encounter periods of drought and water restrictions. Commercial solar power in Sydney uses significantly less water that standard electricity production, which is notorious for using thousands of litres of water.

Generating panels requires no water at all which is great in terms of both conserving fresh water for our natural environment, and for our usage when dams are low.

Effective And Efficient Ways To Work Smarter

Plan your tasks as often as you can

One among the effective ways to work smarter is to plan. Formulate a list of all the projects and tasks to be completed and after this perform a detailed review of these objectives, categorize them according to the importance and identify how much time will be required for completion. This will enable you to gradually create a weekly planner, making planning an effective way to work smarter.


Prioritize your tasks

Bear in mind the Pareto principle which states that 80 percent of results come from the 20 percent of efforts. Strategically prioritize the most critical activities. After identifying them direct your energy and time towards these activities and pay less attention to non-essential activities. You can work smarter through focus and prioritize.


Learn how to delegate


Delegation is one of the most effective methods to work smart. When you don’t have the time or not good at specific tasks, instead merely delegate it to others because it will effectively free up your schedule for more important activities.


Have strict deadlines for major tasks

When dealing with large tasks of crucial importance, it is detrimental to work on such tasks smartly by merely dividing the job at hand into smaller, manageable tasks. After this, tend to work on each piece at a time. Focus on providing quality work over perfection.


Learn how to type faster and make use of keyboard shortcuts

One of the effective ways of working on keyboards is by getting comfortable using as many fingers as possible while typing and availing keyboard shortcuts that can assist and accomplish more work in a short period.


Learn how to create and use MACROS


Macros are mini-programs that you can write to perform repetitive tasks for you. They are a superb way to work efficiently and smarter as it saves you the time and effort of pointing, selecting and clicking.


Call instead of sending messages

One way to work smarter by saving time is to call colleagues instead of waiting for their follow up emails or messages. Moreover, calling helps maintain a crisp language as well.


Take some breaks

Long hours of work can take a toll on our capabilities and performance. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to take some breaks as you work. Schedule a minimum of regular 10-15 minutes of a break between significant tasks. This will refresh your mind and replenish your energy reserves.

Tips To Escape The Heat And Keep Cool In Summer

  1. Shut Out The Sun:

Don’t let the sun’s rays dive into your room and leave it too warm and stuffy. If not in use, keep your curtains and blinds closed in the rooms to prevent them from being overheated.


  1. Eat Small Meals:

Your body temperature tends to warm up when your body tries to process and digest large meals because you need heat to break down food particles. This, eat regular small meals instead of one or two huge meals at odd times of the day.



  1. Choose Cotton:

Cotton clothing and especially in lighter colours is perhaps the best material to wear during summers. Avoid any dark colour and fabrics like polyester, nylon etc because these can quickly absorb heat and leave you sweating.


  1. Stay Hydrated:

It is extremely important that you drink a good amount of water during the summers to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. If you don’t, the summer heat can quickly cause dehydration which in turn can head to heat strokes and exhaustion. Especially while going on walks, to the gym or physically exerting yourself in any way, make sure to carry a good amount of water and keep drinking it in regular intervals.


  1. Get Low:

Hot air rises which is why it is much hotter on top floors of homes or apartments as opposed to the ground of bottom floors. Thus, during summers try to get as low as you can, which means sleeping on the floors or rooms downstairs as much as you can.



  1. Rinse Your Wrists:

It helps with the heat if you wash your wrists and neck before hitting the sack because this helps to quickly cool down and go off to sleep.


  1. Keep Your Moisturiser And Sunscreen Nearby:

On a hot summer’s day don’t forget to regularly wash your face to rid it of dirt or sweat and to use your moisturizer right after because this leaves your face cool and fresh. Further, the use of sunscreens before heading out makes sure that you don’t get tanned or sunburned.